Alex Pearson

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Probably 16-18


Student, hockey player, den brother



Portrayed by:

Hutch Dano

Alex Pearson is a character in Den Brother. He only cares about himself. He gets kicked out of the Ice Hockey Team and he looses his friend Goose and helps his little sister to get his friend back. He blew the secret of Mrs. Zamboni in the end and everyone hates them.

What happened with him in the end?Edit

Humm... That is classafied. He blows the secret of Mrs. Zamboni at a hockey game. Then he wants to make up for it but his dad won't ground him becuase he wants him to face the fact that he will never be punnished again.

Mrs. ZamboniEdit

Mrs. Zamboni is Alex in discuise. He uses a very high voise for her.

Other CharactersEdit

Emily Pearson

Kalvin (Goose)